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SLARA Call-out Procedures/Info:

If you get called out by any agency, please remember that our mission statement is to be of service to the community. Please try to help!

For Cottage Grove PD, when phones are out up Culp Creek/Dorena:

If you are on the call-out list, you should have a mobile radio and antenna as a minimum, hopefully a base antenna you can setup if needed.

This should be ready to go at a moments notice - we have been called out several times already.

* The person taking the call is responsible to get it set up. If you get called, it is because you signed up for this duty.
* Deploy an operator to Dorena school - 37141 Row River Rd, Cottage Grove, Oregon 97434. They only need to be able to get into the 146.760 repeater to relay a message. Mobile radio is best. Along with comm gear, they should have some food/water, a clock/watch and a legal pad/notebook/ with a couple pens/pencils. Log everything, at the school side as well as the person with the phone!
* Assign someone to monitor 146.76 that has a working phone, landline or cell, into Cottage Grove. Don't assume..... TEST IT!!!!! We usually get called for a phone outage/issue. If the phone situation is so severe that no one can call the CGPD, deploy a team to the PD to let them know what calls we get at the school.
* Test 146.46 simplex, so you have a backup if issues with the repeater.
* When a communication path is established, contact CGPD on their non-emergency line, tell them who you are, that you are set up to relay messages from Culp Creek-Dorena, and what your call back phone number is.
* Start making arrangements for relief operators.... these events have gone for 8 hours or more.
* Plan on two operators at each location if possible; logging and note taking could be vital in this situation.
* If manpower is available, (5 or 6 operators available) we could man a second location at the Row River Store, a few miles upriver from the school.
* CGPD will advise if normal communication is restored, or arranged through another manner. You are ON DUTY until that occurs.
* The most simple way to manage it if the situation is small would be to have an "open net". If the situation gets busier or the repeater starts getting too busy with non-emergency traffic, go ahead and make it a controlled net.
* Once all the pieces are in place to cover the situation, let Carl, W7NK know we are using his machine for the emergency. We plan on having a phone/email list for all the call-list volunteers so contact can go smoother - Carl's contact info will be on it.

This is what the Cottage Grove Police Department needs:

1. Where is the emergency? Address, intersection, body of water or other landmark

2. Name, address and callback number for the caller in the event that we get phone service restored.

3. What is the nature of the emergency? Police, Fire, Medical.

4. Descriptions of the suspect, vehicle, or in some cases the victim if they are mobile.

Cottage Grove PD: 541-942-9145

These basic instructions should work if we get called to work another area, a person should double check with the agency served about the phone number to call.

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