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If your contact information changes, PLEASE let the Secretary know, so that they can keep the contact list current. There is a link for them on the contact page, or let them know at a meeting on the sign-in form.


News Flash!

Bill, N7AGX has donated to SLARA, for Fairview - a six cavity Sinclair duplexer - tuned for Fairview already. He has been thanked by a couple of us in person as well as for the entire club - we need to find a way to truly express our gratitude to him.


Last meeting's minutes:

SLARA Meeting
11 February 2024

Rob AC7WU called the meeting to order.

Sign in sheet went around.

9 members and 1 visitor were present.

Eston W7WIX gave the treasury report.

Rob AC7WU read the minutes from the December 10th 2023 meeting. M/S/C to accept as written.
No January minutes as we had no January meeting due to the repercussions from the ice storm.


Fairview is only useable limited times, as the temp problems have gotten really bad. Fairview is to be turned off until it can be properly repaired.

Dave Howland presented his ideas and work on Communications and neighborhood/city help for (initially) when we have a big earthquake. lots of discussion and good ideas, it has been reworked a little, and being turned into an "all disasters" concept.

Don AC7KW arrived and took the lead for the meeting.

Old business:

New business:
New business: Rob AC7WU has been asked to get a sympathy card for the entire club to send to Valley Club for Riley.
M/S/C Unanimously - to not have the club officially volunteer for the Oregon Gran Fondo. anyone that wants to volunteer and work it is perfectly fine to do, just not representing SLARA.
Joe W7ZQD mentioned some changes/enforcement on the 147.06 machine in Salem,
Nathan AI7NC offered to go up to Fairview and replace the repeater temporarily. Discussion.

Good of the order:
Masonic Breakfast next Sunday, the 18th of February 2024.

M/S/C to adjourn

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