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If your contact information changes, PLEASE let Rob and/or Rick know, so that we can keep the contact list current. There is a link for both of them on the contact page, or let them know at a meeting on the sign-in form.

The July Meeting is on the 14th!

Everyone is welcome! We have a good time, and (usually!) Myra has the 50/50 drawing.....


Last meeting's minutes:

SLARA Meeting Minute
June 9 2019

Tom W7KP called the meeting to order.

Pledge of allegiance.

Jim and Sharon Kness


'76 is doing a bit of the hollow tube noise, but not as bad as it was.

Field Day:
Jim W7BBA reported that Walden Park was wide open available on a first come first served basis.
Tom W7KP reported that the Dorena Grange was an option, it might be free, waiting to hear, no trees or shade.
Discussion on supplies/radios/etc.
Ida W7KPI will be the POC for the food/cooking coordination.

Rob WB7ROB did a presentation on the Inreach Garmin Satellite communicator.

Old Business:
Discussion on Fondo.

New business:
Field day location.
Discussion on the options.

Good of the order:
Breakfast next Sunday at the Masonic Center 0800 to 1100.

Meeting adjourned

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