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If your contact information changes, PLEASE let the Secretary know, so that they can keep the contact list current. There is a link for them on the contact page, or let them know at a meeting on the sign-in form.

The April Meeting has been Moved to the 2nd to not conflict with Easter Sunday.
The May meeting is on the 7th, to not conflict with Mothers Day.


Last meeting's minutes:

SLARA Meeting
12 February 2023

Tom W7KP called the meeting to order.

Jacqueline KA6RTV

Rob AC7WU read the minutes from the January 2023 meeting M/S/C to accept as read.

Eston W7WIX gave the treasury report


146.76 almost unusable, hollow tube and a squeal at times.
Fairview is doing a little better.
Simplex repeater is still in the box.


Old business:
Marathon is a postponed another year.
Nothing new on the lease for 146.66.

New Business:
April meeting is moved to the 2nd, as the our normal date is on Easter Sunday.
May meeting moved to the 7th to avoid conflict with Mothers Day.

Don AC7KW asked if there should be a new person assigned to organize the Net, as the Current person is too busy to work on it.
Bill W7WHA agreed to the assignment temporarily.

Rob AC7WU was asked to put a request n the website for people to volunteer for being net control.

Cottage Grove Emergency Fair is going to be in early August, still trying to get the date.

Upcoming events/ Good of the order:
Breakfast at the Masonics next Sunday, the 19th.

M/S/C to adjourn.

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