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If your contact information changes, PLEASE let Secretary and/or Rick know, so that they can keep the contact list current. There is a link for both of them on the contact page, or let them know at a meeting on the sign-in form.

Meeting adjustments:

May 2nd is our next meeting!
On the air
Same Time, 146.76


Last meeting's minutes:

SLARA Meeting (On Air Meeting) 146.76
11 April 2021

A. Call to Order

B. Distribution of a sign in sheet, or a Roll Call

D. Reading, corrections, and approval of previous meeting minutes
Don AC7KW read minutes from last meeting seconded and approved -W7WHA 2nd W7AQD

E. Treasurer's Report

F. Committee Reports

G. Presentations

H. Old Business

I. New Business
Tower rental invoice Received from Silke for Walker
ORRC discussing 15kc channel spacing

J. Calendar of upcoming events
GMRS license fee going down Ham going up
Next Meeting May 2
Oregon Gran Fondo 5 June
Coast Gravel Epic May 1st

Good of the Order
LMARG/Lane Medical Amateur Radio Group have reformed.
W7WHA - Tomorrow 8 hr vaccination at Elks

Adjourned w7wha @ 1428

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